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Top Mobile Apps that are Using by Top industries in Default and let's get to know on top New developed Automobile Industrial app by the Top mobile App development Solutions

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In the current generation of digital technologies, the automobile industry has achieved tremendous growth in our daily life. Mobile applications play a key role in leading all formats of the digital world that have influenced the automotive sector and the Internet of Things, with GPS indications for locations. The following content will help you to understand how mobile is related to the automobile industry.

Whoever said good things would come in small packages never talked about the auto industry.

Do you know your car companies? Today a glimpse of the 10 largest global automakers reveals unknown compounds, automakers connecting with each other to share technology and costs, with more factories producing more vehicles.

The automotive industry needs huge economies to cope with the research and development needed to create new models and stay competitive. After record sales in recent years, manufacturers are trying to realize slower sales and manage the transition to electric and automated vehicles.

Here are the top 10 players based on their global sales volumes in 2019, as well as how they will cope with the current financial climate in 2020. Pinning down sales figures is tricky — different manufacturers report numbers differently — so the totals shown maybe automobiles and light trucks, but not heavy commercial vehicles.

  1. Volkswagen Group — 10.8 million
  2. Toyota — 10.5 million
  3. Renault–Nissan–Mitsubishi Alliance — 10.3 million
  4. Hyundai Motor Group — 7.5 million
  5. General Motors — 8.7 million
  6. Ford — 5.7 million
  7. Honda Motor Group — 5.2 million
  8. Fiat Chrysler Automobiles — 4.8 million
  9. Groupe PSA — 4.1 million
  10. Suzuki — 3.2 million

Top Mobile Apps For Drivers And Car Lovers

As a driver or car owner, you can move from one place to another without letting the spring of traffic spring surprises on you and this brings us to mobile apps or drivers.

Some mobile apps provide information on traffic and alternate routes, while others act as guardian angels to help you find your way through unfamiliar terrain.

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In this article, you will see 10 mobile apps that drivers, vehicle owners, and or car lovers should have on their phones and mobile devices. Here are the top 10 apps for drivers and car lovers:

1. Google Assistant
Google Assistant is available on Android Auto and Google Maps and you can start driving mode on any Android phone with the Assistant by saying “Hey Google, let’s drive”.

This prompt is what the company calls a “thoughtfully designed dashboard” that contains driving-related activities. This app can surface a shortcut to reach your destination or play media where you left off.

2. Android Auto
Android Auto takes all the features you like about your Android-powered smartphone and puts them directly on your car dashboard by replacing the local infotainment system.

The information is displayed in a familiar, easy-to-use interface and with clear menus and large icons. The main feature of this app is Google Maps-based navigation system; It provides step-by-step directions and finds alternative routes if any traffic is detected.

3. Waze
By using Waze, you become part of a community that shares real-time information about traffic conditions and road construction. Using this app allows you to share or receive traffic information such as accidents, police traps, blocked roads, weather conditions, and more.

Waze can mine this data submitted by customers and translate it into bits that provide other road users the most convenient way to their destination 24 hours a day. It is an app created for drivers around the world and greatly enhances the driving experience.

4. is a mobile application that reads text (SMS) messages and emails aloud in real-time and responds automatically without drivers touching the mobile phone. The app was created to eliminate texting while driving.

It comes with amazing features like hands-free, one-touch activation, Bluetooth, and radio transmitter compatible and optional autoresponder.

This eliminates distractions while driving and helps keep your hands on the wheels and your eyes on the road.

5. Find my car
Tired of looking at where your car is parked in the parking lot? Then download the ‘Find My Car’ app. It is a very resource application that does not require maps or network connection.

It uses your phone’s GPS capabilities to navigate back to your car or any previously visited location.

6. Drive mode: Safe driving
This app has a clean UI with bold, colorful buttons for use while driving. Its voice assistant is functional and will guide you across the dashboard if you do not want to take your eyes off the road.

The app also has a great transparency mode that allows other services to work without interruption when you switch to navigation or music controls.

7. Car DashDroid
Car DashDroid is a car home dock replacement that facilitates driving while providing the best infotainment in the Play Store. It connects and manages apps like WhatsApp, Telegram, and Facebook Messenger so you can listen and reply to messages without touching the device.

The app is great for Uber or ride-sharing drivers who want to focus while driving. It comes with features like Google voice command support, speedometer, and intuitive music controls for many players.

8. HERE WeGo Maps
This app is one in every of the strongest competitors to Google Maps within the navigation app space. it’s an easy but sleek interface with mapping options around the world.

It shows you traffic information, transportation maps and you’ll customize it by saving places for quick directions. it’s liberated to use and includes a Map Creator app that enables you to form maps.

9. GPS speedometer and odometer
GPS speedometer and odometer app to measures the cars and bikes speed accurately. it’s one in all the most effective GPS speedometer apps for measuring vehicle speed. Unlike many other speedometer apps, it works in offline mode and doesn’t take quite 20 seconds to attach you to GPS, it takes 2–3 minutes to try to so like other apps.

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10. Google Maps
This app helps you to navigate your world faster and easier. It has mapped over 220 countries and territories and has hundreds of millions of businesses and locations on the map.

The app also gives you real-time GPS navigation, traffic, and transport information and allows you to explore the neighborhood by knowing where you eat, drink, and go — no matter where you are in the world.

Top 5 Key Features For Successful Mobile App

Listing Up The Top 10 Android App Development Services for the Automotive Industry

With the growing dependence on smartphones and support apps for every task, it is imperative that companies seek expert help from top mobile app development companies. Vehicle owners also need support apps, not only to post them on current events but also a haven to search for, buy, or sell cars at affordable prices.

This blog brings together 10 Android app development services designed specifically for the automotive industry. They have unlimited features that will benefit car lovers as well as car owners.


With a 4.6 rating, the Android app MyFuelLog 2 is a must-have for any vehicle owner’s smartphone. Refueling and car cost tracking is conveniently done, the insertion is instantaneous. Both the time and location of the vehicle are well tracked, with the main screen, logo, and the specified vehicle name being customized. This app has the ability to manage backups, restore data to cloud servers, as well as other features such as Dropbox and SD card. It allows you to create and extract reports in PDF, Excel, or CSV format for further reference.

2. Car costs

Oops !! 4.6-Star Rating ?? This Android app development service is worth a shot for virtually all vehicle owners. Car costs and diversification costs are calculated along with the add-on cost that comes with owning a car. Monthly and annual statistics are calculated and saved in the app itself. Also, statistics can be shared across other devices by first saving the data on the SD card or syncing it with the Google account and storing it as a backup.

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3. Automatic application

This is a valuable Android app if you are looking for advice when buying new vehicles. This app promises to change the whole journey, all of which are simple and quick to change. Also, smartphone users do not have to spend time trying to run dealers and are given financial guidance when making purchasing decisions. Timely news and the latest updates will keep you up to date on the automobile industry.

4. Zigwheels

Multi-utility application, Zigwheels compares old and new cars. Experts are available to assist buyers in making the right purchase decision and to connect with a large number of dealers.

5. Cartrade

Another mobile application development service designed specifically for vehicle owners. There is a list of about a thousand used and unused cars for new buyers. Thanks so much for the in-depth information about the latest or upcoming vehicles on the market and also sell your old car through the app.

6. Automobile Magazine News Apps

One of the most popular mobile apps designed especially for car lovers. The app regularly publishes news and updates, videos, and press releases related to the car world. Users can also share images that have been tested or gooey before new cars are formally launched.

7. Vehicle logger

Rated on the n Play Store with 4.2, Vehicle Lager is an Android app that offers the simplest and easiest way to create vehicle logbooks for mileage, fuel, and cost. One can create specific reports and upload them directly to Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, and more. Reports can be exported as PDF or CSV data.

8. Vehicle Maintenance Guidance

Although this particular app has only a 3.5 rating, it teaches all car and bike owners the basics of vehicle maintenance. Vehicle management knowledge saves you a lot of money and makes driving safer. Every part of the vehicle should be routinely inspected, making sure riders ride smoothly and safely at home. The app also includes guidelines and other tips for operating vehicles in good, working conditions. The app is perfect for getting advice on improved fuel efficiency, maintaining vehicle value, and ensuring safe travel.

9. Driver

One of the most powerful car apps available for Android users, Drivo tracks everything. This app has multiple features like repair, maintenance, costs, miles run, gas mileage, and more. This app is well suited for those who drive to work on a daily basis. The app also tracks expenses for the tax season and allows you to set reminders to follow up on maintenance tasks. There is another option to choose cloud backup, data sync, data export, etc.

10. Android Auto

Yours seek for the most effective automotive Android app will stop at Android Auto. Quick access to Google Maps, messaging, and music apps additionally as other utilities. There are literally some vehicles that have a built-in Android auto app. Such a useful app is on the market at no cost. Android Auto isn’t included in all told vehicles and automobiles but can be expected in automobiles within the future.


Google Play offers endless options to choose from along with the ten names mentioned here. These select automotive or car apps are the perfect choices to take up a little more space from your smartphone. Such specific service requirements have forced companies to hire dedicated mobile developers to share their experience and lend a helping hand in application building. So, if you are one of those looking for the right app build solution, consult one of the top Android app development companies before you start your journey.

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